#The Nearer the church the farther from God..? Pakistan is the country that capital is Islamabad and whole nation’s decision taken by the Government of Pakistan in Islamabad where the authority takes financial decision, law making, rules and regulation but unfortunately no one can follow these rules why ?local peoples give vote to the members of National assembly and they becomes the member of Pakistan national assembly and playing important role for the local peoples their key functions of the National Assembly include the making of laws, the controlling of the finances of the State and also a critical role to check the actions of government and the Ministries but they fights like a doges recently a minister of PML (N) abusing another member of national assembly of opposite party of PTI every one shocked about these members of national assembly a few month back in the front of National assembly speaker these minister are fighting shutting likes a dogs what message will goes to whole nation ?? Most of the minister of national assembly has Fake degree when you see them they have the luxury life style believe me when you tell them to wright a signal application they cannot do this? On other hand the poor peoples of Pakistan facing financial hurdles during study and faces challenges and get their degree that’s useless in country like Pakistan but no one take action because of money. Important thing that not possible but still advisable to the Govt of Pakistan need highly qualified Students in national assembly and Strong rules for that members during election documentation in upcoming 2018 there is only few months remains in upcoming election need to prepare strong law that follow by all otherwise these Fighter again a part of national assembly and creates Lots of Rollay ?thats way I called The Nearer the church the farther from God